Introducing NIFTEX

Rare Tokens at Your Fingertips

Create and trade ERC20 fractions of non-fungible tokens with NIFTEX.
Get a piece of the action

How does it work?

Step 1
Owners of rare NFTs create fractions ("Shards") by choosing issuance and pricing. The NFT is custodied in an audited smart contract.
Step 2
Fractions will be for sale at a fixed price for two weeks or until they sell out.
Step 3
After the fixed sale period, the fractions go to market where they can be traded like standard cryptocurrencies.
Step 4
The underlying NFT can be recovered by acquiring 100% of the Shards or via a special Buyout clause.

Why fractions?

For Owners

  • Unlock liquidity and volume for your collections
  • Get live valuations and greater exposure for your NFTs as fractions trade on the open market
  • Invite other stakeholders to join your collection and partake in unique governance usecases

For Everyone

  • Get access to unique assets with low price thresholds
  • Trade NFTs with lower costs and greater diversification
  • Use fractions for advanced governance of unique assets
  • Provide liquidity for Shard markets and earn transaction fees
  • Be a pioneer in the emerging Asset Class of the Metaverse

NIFTEX Fractions Showcase

Some examples of valuable NFTs fractionalized and trading on NIFTEX